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Soccer Referees' Association

Steps to start refereeing with SDCSRA

You must complete all the items in the list below before you can begin to referee for SDCSRA. Once all these steps below are complete one of the SDCSRA assignors will contact you to start assigning you games in your area.

  1. Register with CalSouth
  2. Take, complete & pass the CalSouth course & test
  3. Join the SDCSRA association
  4. Availability forms must be completed for every tournament.
  5. When you receive the “Welcome” email from Arbiter, complete your profile. Also remember to CLICK the “ready to be assigned” box at the top as the page as well as set your blocks and travel limits.
  6. Create an Arbiter Pay account through Arbiter so that the association can pay you electronically.

What do the assignors expect of me?

  1. You should not give the same availability to different assignors!
  2. An assignment is a FIRM commitment, just like any other job.
  3. Things do come up, and referees sometimes need to cancel. Let your assignor know as soon as you know, and the reason should be for something valid. Canceling because you were offered a higher level game by another assignors is unacceptable.
  4. Cancellations are one of the most difficult things that assignors have to deal with, please be respectful and professional.

What do the leagues and tournaments expect of me?

  1. You should always be at your assigned game at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, unless you have made prior arrangements with your assignor.
  2. If you do anything different from what you are assigned, contact you assignor ASAP and let them know exactly what you did and who you were with. Get names! (The skinny blond haired kid, will make it difficult.)
  3. If there are not three referees for the games that you are assigned, let the assignor know ASAP. You must also let the assignor know who else was there, if anyone.
  4. Complete all game paperwork and submit to the appropriate league official immediately.

Referee Development

The San Diego County Soccer Referees' Association (SDCSRA) operates a USSF referee development program under Cal South, as specified by the National Referee Committee.

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