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Need referees for your league or tournament?

Why use SDCSRA for your referee needs?

Since its founding in 1966, the San Diego County Soccer Referees' Association (SDCSRA) has a long history of providing top quality soccer officials to San Diego County, Southern California, and Regional Leagues at both the youth and adult levels. Many of our referees are also active officiating and assessing games at the top levels of professional soccer. We also have a core group of mentors many with 30 plus years of refereeing experience.

We were originally founded by a fanatical group of dedicated referees with the goal of providing referees for the San Diego County Soccer League, a men's league that played at Robb Field on Sundays during the fall, winter, and early spring. While the roots of the organization are in the adult leagues, several of the founding members recognized that to grow their sport they need new players growing up with the same passion they experienced. They went out into the community and started youth leagues. Founding members were instrumental in the foundation of Cal South and Presidio League.

There are many reasons to use SDCSRA referees; including the following:

  1. Our referees are fully insured with private liability insurance for unaffiliated games and USSF referee liability insurance for affiliated games, so your league or tournament can rest assured they will be well covered in the event of an unfortunate mishap.
  2. Simple payments and billing via electronic payment and reporting capabilities. We insure your league or tournament can comply with IRS rules and regulations whether you pay referees by cash-on-the-field or electronic funds transfers.
  3. Computerized assigning with our over 1,200+ referees membership, means we can cover small and large leagues and tournaments with easy.
  4. Ten trained and certified assignors with years of experience in league and tournament assigning.
  5. Referees trained and certified to officiate outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, futsal, and beach soccer.
  6. Referees trained for short-sided unaffiliated games (3v3, 6v6, and 7v7 games) using dual and single referee systems of control.
  7. ALL Adult aged referees assigned to affiliated youth matches have been Kid Safe approved by Live Scan.
  8. Monthly training provide to our referees, so they remain up-to-date with law changes and new procedures.
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League & Tournament Resources

Contact our Board of Directors and Director of Assignments

List of Tournaments

A list of all of the tournaments we assign with the assignor .

List of  Assignors

A list of our assignors and the leagues they assign.

POTF = Pay on the Field or Cash on the Field PBRP = Paid Electronically by SDCSRA

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