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The reason for the founding of the San Diego County Soccer Referees’ Association was chiefly because of a decision by the San Diego County Soccer League to become part of affiliated play for the upcoming 1966-1967 season.

At that particular time within the County of San Diego, the interest in the Sport was almost non-existent. The only organization capable of offering regular formal competition was the County league, which played its games every Sunday during the fall, winter, and early spring, at Robb field. Since there was no Referees Association, there could be no proper referees. The League was forced to use people, whom they were aware of, that had a smattering of knowledge of the laws of the game. They were contacted during the mid-week, prior to the forthcoming Sunday’ games. The league if lucky would have this person appear on Sunday and the games could proceed. If no one showed, the league would have to try to induce some individual from among the few spectators to officiate. Fortunately, the league was then composed of only eight teams.

Amongst the few adults who followed the leagues fortunes on a regular basis, there where persons who where of the opinion that the Sport could only progress as far as the referees would let it. By this they meant that, only if there was a competent, fully qualified official, capable of quickly demonstrating to all concerned, players and team officials alike, that the game would be officiated in a highly professional manner, could further progress be achieved.

From within this group certain individuals felt that a meeting should be held during which a proposal could be discussed concerning the establishment of a formal county referees association. Such a meeting did take place during an evening in late August, at the Pacific Bluffs housing project in Claremont. There six persons present; they where Robert Bisch, Billy Gomez, Hans Kramm, Pepi Souto, Albert Jounblouets and Al Povey. After lengthy discussion, the decision was taken to formally create the San Diego County Soccer Referees’ Association.

Immediately following this the decision was taken to contact the State refereeing authorities and inquire as to what procedures should be adopted by the newly formed group. In order that its referees would be accepted as USSF qualified officials. The State Authorities informed the newly formed local organization a referees recertification meeting would be held in the forthcoming September to which all persons in San Diego should attend. Intensive study of the laws of the game then took place; the San Diego group attended the meeting, took and passed the testing, and became USSF registered referees.

The local league was then informed that the Association would be able to supply referees for the forthcoming season. From the start of the new season; until its completion with the final of the Kennedy Cup game, all games were officiated with three officials; in uniform; operating as per the internationally recognized system of control.

(Courtesy of Al Povey, Founding Member of SDCSRA. Al was also instrumental in the founding of Cal South, Presido League, and numerous local youth soccer leagues.)

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Members of the Board of Directors

Position Name Contact Email
President Dennis Wickham 619.635.3135 Email
Vice President -Presdio League Rep Hugo Rios   Email
Treasurer Earl Sterrett 858.922.4547 Email
Secretary Paula Miller 858.967.8049 Email
Director of Instruction Dennis Wickham 619.635.3135 Email
Director of Assessment Kia Dehpanah 619.339.3284 Email
Director of Assignments Keoni Owens   Email
Director of Membership Lee Popejoy 858.748.6520 Email
Director of Ethics Kelly Mock 760.632.8987 Email
Member at Large Art Mitchell 800.276.5308 Email
Past President Ray Theep 619.435.1148 Email
Past President Lee Popejoy 858.748.6520 Email
Administrator Art Mitchell 800.276.5308 Email
Accounts Recievable/Payable Earl Sterrett 858.922.4547 Email

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