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Game Day

Post game duties and requirements

For game reporting, please keep the original game report at the conclusion of your game. SCDSL you will not have to report anything unless there is a red card or serious injury, if this occurs in your game, fill out the supplemental and send it to me. CalSouth Supplemental in case you have a serious injury, suspected head injury, or a red card. All match/game reports are due within 24 hours for all games and leagues and retain primary copy for 90 days in case of disputes.

ANY SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT: Must be filled out and turned into Dennis Wickham ( and Keoni Owens SDCSRA Director of Assignments (

RED CARDS: Must be reported SAME DAY!!

For Presidio/SDDA leagues you will have to report the scores ONLINE. See the instructions link on how to do that below. Each team should be receiving a copy or photo of the roster. Have fun!

CalSouth Supplmental Report
Presidio Sideline Behavior & Ejection Rule
Presidio/SDDA Referee Scoring Instuctions

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