San Diego County
Soccer Referees' Association

Referee Development

The San Diego County Soccer Referees' Association (SDCSRA) operates a USSF referee development program under Cal South, as specified by the National Referee Committee.

2020 Upgrades and Maintenance

Maintaining or upgrading your referee status is your responsibility each year. You must complete all the requirements set by CALSOUTH & USSF before being able to referee for SDCSRA in the next calendar year/season. To complete these requirements follow the links below. If you feel you should be on the 2020 Approved List already? Contact CalSouth Registration --

These links will take you to the CALSOUTH website for maintaining your certification as a referee each year.

Some of the requirements for development upgrades & maintenance include the following so be sure to check which requirements pertain to your situation and grade level.

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