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Methods of payment

Majority of the games will be Presidio/SDDA or SCDSL leagues paid cash on field. PQ Rec games are paid via ArbiterPay, NOT CASH on field. You must sign up and create an account with Arbiter in order for you to get assigned games as well as paid through Arbiter. See instructions and links below.

Presidio Cash on Field Breakdown
SCDSL Cash on Field Breakdown

RefPay - ArbiterSports & ArbiterPay

We use Arbiter Sports to assign games and Arbiter Pay as the method of payment for most games, although many summer tournaments simply pay cash on site. Below is a link to set up your own Arbiter account and start receiving RefPay through our SDCSRA association. Arbiter is also how we find and locate the fields we assign you to each weekend. You can find a list of school & field locations once you have your account set up. Once you have an account as well as payment method ready, your Arbiter account must also be accepted & approved by SDCSRA and then click the READY to be assigned tic box for you to be available to be assigned games!

Arbiter Sports Website
Arbiter Pay Website

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